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As a leader, one of your most important responsibilities is to inspire those around you, however, you cannot inspire others if you are not inspired yourself. The best way to find this inspiration is to align yourself.

"Why are we here?" is a question I often ask in workshops. The answer, that most groups ultimately come to, is: 'to be happy'.

All humans seem to want the same thing. To be happy. Probe deeply enough about why you do anything and when you get to the core of it your response will be something along the lines of "I'm doing it so I can feel good".

Problems arise when you take action from a place of not being connected to your 'Source Energy' (God/Spirit/Buddha/Allah or who/whatever it is that you call your source of energy and spirit. Throughout the site I refer to it as 'Source Energy'). When disconnected from your 'Source Energy' it can be challenging to be the best version of you. You will probably find that you, rather unhappily, have that haunting sense that things aren't quite right. That there must be something more. That you aren't doing what you are meant to. Like life is out of kilter.

How It Feels To Be Out Of Alignment

A client recently said to me, "I feel that my spirit is being sapped every time I go to work. Just thinking about work feels like someone has dumped a huge weight on my shoulders. The company itself is great and I like the people there, but I don't feel like I'm doing anything that is meaningful, or that maybe there's something more I should be doing".

Do you sometimes feel this way?

It might be a slightly different reason, from my client, as to why you get that heavy feeling - it might be that you are expected to deliver results that are way above (or below) your capability, or maybe the actual work your organization does, holds little interest for you, or maybe you've ended up in this career to please your parents and keep a roof over your head.

If you are, or have ever been in this place, you know just how deadening it can be to your spirit.

Who wants to spend 100,000 hours doing work that they don't enjoy?(40 hours/week x 48 weeks x 50 years)

be above the line

There are three things you can do when you find yourself in this place:

1. Complain about it
2. Stick your head in the sand and pretend you're doing okay
3. Roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get happy

I know you are an option 3 person,  - you are an above the line person otherwise you wouldn't be a member of this club, so ...

Just What Does It Mean To Align Yourself?

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