Appreciation Letters

A big complaint from many people is that no-one is noticing their efforts. Even those most hardened of people love it when someone acknowledges them.

When you write a sincere, heart-felt letter of appreciation or congratulations - not only do you build relationships with others you too benefit from feeling good for having taken the time to reach out to another.

Tips For Writing Appreciation Letters

  • Hand write the note When was the last time you received a hand-written note (with a pen and paper!)? It will set you apart from everyone else. Emails are a very poor cousin to a hand-written note
  • Be specific about what it is you are appreciating or congratulating. When you are specific you are reinforcing the behavior that created the success for the person (which means they will likely repeat it in the future) and it shows that you are very sincere about the congratulations
  • Write the note within a few days of whatever happened. Timing is crucial
  • Be sincere. People can sense when you are taking action simply because it will hold you in good stead rather than truly being about wanting to acknowledge their success.
  • Be concise. In an appreciation letter - less is more.
  • Close with your best wishes and a comment about the bright future for the person/(s)
  • The note can be on letterhead (even when hand-written) as people like to be able to showcase the note either as part of their resume or to their family and friends
  • Make the note to a specific person - if you are congratulating an entire team, write the note to the team leader.

Please note the letters below are only sample letters. I do not know your particular circumstances, therefore, you should get legal or jurisdictional advice from your local practitioners prior to using.

  • Acknowledgement of Other Team
  • Congratulations on Handling Difficult Tasks/Situations
  • Congratulations on Promotion
  • Congratulations on Ongoing Good Performance
  • Employee Final Warning
  • Employee Dismissal
  • Resignation Letter
  • Thanks to Team Member's Family for Their Support During Challenging Time

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