The Steps To Delegate Work So That It Gets Done

Use these six steps to delegate work, so that it gets done, done well and done on time! For a more comprehensive coverage download the ebook Get It Done.

Delegation is far more than a way of getting people to do the things you don't like or don't have the time to get to.


Step One: Select The Task

Most delegation falls into two categories one-off tasks/projects or recurring tasks/projects. Not sure what you could delegate? Some ideas are, tasks that -

  • You used to do before you assumed your new role (you are probably still doing them because they are in your comfort zone - time to hand them across so both you and your team members can grow)
  • People in your team have more experience with
  • Aren't in your core competency (but you think you 'have' to do them - you don't you just have to make sure they get done!)

Provide valuable experience and will develop the bench-strength in your team

  • Will engage and energize your team members
  • You dislike and that someone else in your team loves

Step Two: Select The Person

Who likes to be given work that no-one else wants? No-one! If you dump on your team members all the tasks you hate - and know that they will hate too - you can only expect resentment and frustration.

However, if you delegate work that challenges, provides added responsibility and exposure, increases skills and most importantly is work the individual likes to do and is good at, well then you can expect the person to be receptive to your request to take on extra.

Your success at delegating will depend in large part upon your motivation. Take a look at this list and think what your response would be if you believed your leader was delegating to you for this reason:

  • Dumping work on you s/he didn't want to do
  • Focused on developing you as a future leader
  • Providing challenge and variety to you
  • Making use of your under-utilized talents and strengths
  • Freeing up time so s/he can work 'on-the-business'
  • Giving you exposure to other influential leaders in the business

It is critical before you delegate that you assess each team member's:

  • Skills & Capabilities
  • Desires
  • Development needs
  • Previous track record
  • Potential

Step Three: Plan The Delegation

Before you have a conversation with the person you'd like to delegate to, you need to plan out what the delegation entails. The elements you need to consider include:

  • The results that are expected (How success will be measured)
  • The level of authority (Any particular stages at which you want involvement)
  • Any elements which will require training, coaching

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