How To Delegate Ebook


I have deliberately kept this guide on how to delegate, short and sharp. There is no extra ‘fluff’. I chose to do this because, my guess is, you are looking for answers fast, time is of the essence for you, and you don’t need any additional information that isn’t absolutely essential.

Table of Contents


  • Benefits of Delegation
  • Reasons Leaders Don’t Delegate
  • Reasons Team Members May Not Want To Be Delegated To
  • Trust is the Key To Success In All Leadership

The Delegation Process

  • Select The Task
  • Things I Can Delegate Now Worksheet
  • Select The Person
  • Selecting The Person Tips
  • Plan The Delegation
  • Delegation Planning Checklist
  • Expected Results and How Success is Measured
  • Outline The Level Of Authority
  • Elements Which Will Require Training, Coaching
  • Minimize Conflicting Priorities
  • Identify Possible Resources That May Be Needed
  • Decide Timelines And Deadlines

Hold The Delegation Meeting

  • Meeting Template For The Delegation Discussion

Hold Milestones Meetings

How to Handle Mistakes

Top 10 Delegation Tips

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