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How to Fast-Track Your Leadership Success is an ebook and 11-part video series that helps you to better influence and inspire others so that you make your dent faster and easier...

You'll receive plenty of tips and strategies to help you get promoted - and what is important to note that, while using these tips WILL help you rise up your career ladder -- if rising that ladder isn't important to you -- but you are still focused on making it matter --- you can still use the tips and strategies to help you get your ideas promoted while remaining in the role you feel most comfortable!

I do hope you get a lot out of it.

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Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks:

Build Strong Relationships

Tip 1: Plan Your Way Around The Organization
Tip 2: Create Rapport and Get To Know People Personally (Week 2)
Tip 3: Pick and Choose Your Fights (Week 3)
Tip 4: Influence Well Upwards (Week 3)

Create A Buzz
Tip 5: Engage and Energize (Week 4)
Tip 6: Delegate Effectively (Week 4)
Tip 7: Build A Strengths Focused Team (Week 5)
Tip 8: Have Fun (Week 5)
Tip 9: Be Inspirational (Week 6)
Tip 10: Leave Your Ego At The Door (Week 6)

Be Ready To Make Your Dent
Tip 11: Be In Alignment (Week 7)
Tip 12: Know Where You Want To Go (Week 7)
Tip 13: Be Passionate (Week 7)
Tip 14: Act With Integrity (Week 8)
Tip 15: Live Above The Line (Week 8)
Tip 16: Act As If You Had The Promotion (Week 8)

Deliver Results
Tip 17: Make Sure Your Word Is Good (Week 9)
Tip 18: Be Known for Delivering Results (Week 9)
Tip 19: Be Ecologically Sound (Week 9)

Develop Self and Others
Tip 20: Develop Your Coaching & Mentoring Skills (Week 10)
Tip 21: Volunteer for New Projects (Week 10)
Tip 22: Keep Up With Developments (Week 10)
Tip 23: Find A Role Model/Coach (Week 11)
Tip 24: Invest In Yourself (Week 11)

Okay, so let's jump into the first tip to fast-track your career.

Strategy 1 - Build Relationships

Tip 1: Plan your Way Around the Organization

Get Known By People Of Influence

I would love a $, for every time I have heard someone whine about another person who got a promotion they wanted ... and they didn't believe this person was as good, or as sharp, or as worthy as them.

It's no good complaining that 'they' - meaning the people who make the promotional decisions - should know about you and your worth – that's victim thinking. Instead, be proactive about your career and have a deliberate intent to get known as a great asset to and a great person in your organization.

Whether you like it or not, often times promotional decisions are based upon more than just merit, skill or talent. The single biggest influence on your career, isn't how good you are at your job, it is how well you are liked ... and in particular how well you are known and liked by the people who make career and promotional decisions.

I bet you could name a few people who deliver good results, have sharp skills and yet their career is wasting away due to their abrasive, or competitive or uncommunicative personality.

Success in life is in direct proportion to the type and quality of relationships you nurture.

To be proactive about your success, plan out how you can build relationships that will enhance both your personal satisfaction as well as your professional career.

For example, how well do the people in your H.R department or the more senior leaders in your business know and like you? If the answer is not well, or not at all, then it could be time that you planned how you move around your workplace.

Can you find reasons to swing through the H.R department or the executive suite on a regular basis? Certainly, you don't want to be a pest or a weasel, but the important thing to note is that:

The Promotion Is In The Relationship And Familiarity Sets Relationships In Motion

There was a study conducted at Harvard on a freshman year. Before the freshman arrived, researchers tried to figure out who would end up being best friends by looking at backgrounds, interests, hobbies etc.

Surprisingly, the researchers discovered that rather than relationships being driven by similar backgrounds, and interests etc, people's relationships were formed largely due to how many dorm rooms apart people slept.

Now, this study has huge implications for organizational life, because what the study confirms, is that regular contact and familiarity creates relationships.

And the relationships you build today, will help your success throughout your life. Regardless of whether you want to be the next CEO or simply to lead the team you are in right now, your success is dependent upon how well people .... people from across all disciplines and levels in the organization ... like and trust you.

The more senior you rise in an organization, the more critical it becomes that you are able to get departments, (with sometimes conflicting goals or needs), to work together cohesively. So, start right now building those relationships across the organization ... not just in your department ... with your peers, people who are more senior to you, and people who are more junior (you never know, one day you may end up reporting to him or her!).

You never know just how valuable the relationships you build now could be to your future. I worked with a leader who had far more sway and power in our organization than his position title would suggest. The reason? Because he and the VP for the entire division (whom he now indirectly reported to) had worked together in the same department, many, many years before and had become great mates.

That early relationship he continued to nurture - even though their career paths took off in different directions - and now some 25 years down the track, that relationship meant he was able to influence many corporate decisions that he otherwise probably would normally be able to.

Build Relationships Across The Organization

Create opportunities to get across the organization to meet and interact regularly with people from other departments. For example, volunteer to be included in cross-functional teams, or become involved in organizing a social outing, or volunteer to set up a corporate charity event or some such thin

Then as you get to know these people, find things that you have in common and that you can build upon to create a real relationship - one that you can value on a personal as well as a professional level.

Make Use of Technology

Now, you may be thinking that is all well and good, but the people of influence, or other departments are clear across the country, or the globe, or our company's culture doesn't let us go wandering through the executive suite/h.r offices. Well, don't let that be an excuse to stop you building relationships.

With all the wonderful technology we have available to us today, you can even build relationships remotely.

Many organizations make use of such things as Intranets, Instant Messaging, Twitter, Facebook etc to keep people connected. The savvy CEOs and people of influence in organizations monitor these tools quite closely. So, use these tools to build your reputation.

Connect with people and create friendships and relationships ... don't be a lurker and remain a faceless person who is unknown.

For inspiration, on how to connect with people, using technology, take a look at some of the more popular blogs and people on Twitter who are business focused. They are generally popular for two reasons. One, they show their personality and character – who share and interact as 'real' people and two they provide information that adds value.

For example, on Twitter I follow Padmasree, who is the CTO of Cisco. She comes across as a very likable person and someone I'd like to get to know. Even though she has over a million followers, I have replied to a few of her tweets, with information that I thought she would find interesting and add value to a discussion she was having. Delightfully, I have had responses from her, thanking me for my contribution.

Does that mean I will ever do some business with Cisco? Maybe, maybe not. But it is a relationship (albeit a very slender relationship) that I began, first and foremost because I found her interesting and second, because it might at some time in the future, lead to an opportunity for me and her to work together.

Keep It Real

And that's the kicker about this. You need to keep it real and be sincere - regardless of whether you are building relationships online or face-to-face.

Don't force it and don't try to be the life of the party, if that isn't your style. Simply be you.

And don't use this as a tactic to manipulate others. Make sure that you are being sincere and authentic. If you are only focused on building relationships, for what you can get out of it ... people will see through that and you will pay dearly for it.

You must genuinely want to get to know others and are interested in them ... which leads to Tip 2 ...How To Create Rapport ... which we will cover next week.

Fast-Track Action

Create a plan to get yourself around the organization, on a regular basis, so you can meet and get to know people.

Make sure you do this in as natural a way as you can – you don't want to come across as false or forced, but you do want to have a presence.

Pre-Work for Week 2

Think of 3 people you work with - could be a peer, someone you report to, someone who reports to you.

For each person write down what you know about them:

  • Their hobbies and interests
  • What they are struggling with: their frustrations (both work and home)
  • Hopes, Goals, Dreams
  • Tasks/Activities that they love/loathe


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