Identifying Employee Performance Levels

This template will help you in identifying employee performance levels in each of the following criteria:

  • Technical Competence (capability to do the job)
  • Quality of Work (standard of output)
  • Performance Effectiveness (ability to meet targets and goals)
  • Living The Values (interpersonal skills and personal style)

As we discussed on the Situational Leadership page, it is important that you modify your leadership style to meet the needs and competency of the person you are interacting with. This template helps you with this.

As well, the template can make it easier for you to have discussions with your individual team members about how you view their performance, and the areas where they could enhance their performance.

With only three levels of performance - High, Average and Low it will take you only a few minutes to give yourself an overview of an individual's performance and help you to then drill down into those areas that you want him or her to improve. Certainly, you will want more detail, before you have a discussion with someone, but it is a quick and easy tool to help you identify those areas you need to target.

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