Understanding And Influencing Difficult People

Most people have distinctive personality traits - which is their way of dealing with the world (both inwardly and outwardly).

The reality is we need to deal with all differing personality types (just as others need to deal with our personality imperfections!). Understanding what causes people to behave the way they do, and having strategies to better influence these people, will definitely help make your life easier and more successful.

In the first part of this book you are going to learn to identify the main personality types.

Then in the second half of the book, you are going to discover how to stop yourself from responding, inappropriately, to situations and events in your life, AND how to disentangle others, who are hooked up in inappropriate emotions.

This will help you better handle awkward meetings and conversations and achieve better results.

There are lots of activities in the book for you to do. These will help you get better at identifying which part of their personality a person is using at any one time.


influencing difficult people book cover

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