Inner Source Leadership

A personal development plan for leaders who are ready to make a difference.

This is not a traditional leadership book in which you will learn the hows of delegation, problem-solving, decision-making etc. Certainly, these are skills that all leaders and managers must have in order to be relevant in the workplace. However, if you want to truly Make A Dent and be a leader that leaves a lasting footprint ... then, Inner Source Leadership was written with you in mind.

inner source leadership ebook
Inner Source Leadership is written for the person who wants to touch the heart and soul of the people they interact with each day, to consistently lead from a place that reflects your core values and purpose.

Here you will focus on your personal growth and strengthen your inner power, as it is the strength of your inner foundation, that dictates your success as a leader who unleashes potential.

Inner Source has been written for both current and aspiring leaders.

You may well have had many years experience as a leader, but you feel the desire to connect at a deeper more meaningful level with yourself and those who surround you.

Similarly you may have never 'formally' led another person in your life, but you know that you are destined to make a difference in the lives of others.

Both types of people should be able to find some value in the reading of this book and the undertaking of the various activities contained within it, should you wish to continue to unleash both your own and the potential of others.

It is the small and sometimes, seemingly insignificant, actions taken each day which propels an individual to breakthrough to stardom or the pinnacle of success in their chosen career.

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