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People come to coaching for a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is change. They no longer want (or can afford for) things to stay the same and they see that coaching can make that change happen.

With me as your coach you'll identify the blockages that are putting the brakes on your success ... then I'll coach you into how to quickly sift through the ways that you can change what you are doing to get different, better ... more like exponentially better .... results.

Booking an introductory Unblock, Move Forward coaching session is useful when:

  1. When you have a specific problem/challenge that you want to get perspective on and develop strategies to move beyond it. Or

  2. You know you have a limiting behavior or mindset that is holding you back, and you need an outsider, with no agenda or control over your career (except to help you shine), to help you get to the bottom of how to move beyond that limitation

  3. You want to sail closer to your potential and know that you are leaving money on the table

  4. You want to build an on-going relationship with me as your coach, to support you as you excel in all areas of your life. Because coaching is an intimate relationship, built on extreme levels of trust, the first session helps both you and I decide if we will be a great fit together over the longer-term.

In our very first session together, you can be assured that you will Unblock and Move Forward on an issue that you bring to the coaching session.

Because this will be our first time 'meeting' you can take advantage of the introductory rate of $50 for the session. However, any subsequent coaching sessions will be charged at the normal rates. So, in the future, if you want just ad hoc coaching that would be at the minimum hourly rate of $450 per hour. Or, if you decide you want regular coaching then you'll be able to choose from either the Lead, Engage or Transform packages.

I have had clients make major life breakthroughs in our first session together and I generally anticipate that at the end of the session you'll walk away feeling inspired and armed with new thinking, new mindset, new energy to put into motion whatever is needed to achieve your goal.

Your Unblock - Move Forward session is for 30 minutes and we'll 'meet' either on Skype, Viber or via a landline.

As soon as you have paid for your Unblock - Move Forward Session, you'll receive a link to my calendar so you can schedule the call at a time that suits you, and a couple of emails that will help you prepare so you get the absolute most you can from our time together.

Go ahead and click on the button below and book your Unblock, Move Forward session ... I'm very confident that in that first session, we'll discover some ways to help you sail close to the edge of your potential.

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