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As you climb that corporate ladder there is one sure bet ... at some point you are going to have to influence the people around you to change.

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If you have ever felt that you have had to drag people, kicking and screaming, into a new way of doing things.... Rest easy, you aren't the only one who has felt that way. AND there are some, fairly easy to put into action, ideas and techniques that you can use to get people on board with change.

In introducing change, we all expect that 'things' will get a whole lot better.

The reality is 'things' generally take a dive, before they get better.

By understanding chaos comes before success, and using the tools and tips in this book, you can minimize and manage the chaos. You'll find out about the 'valley of despair' and what to do when you hit it.

One of the reasons many change efforts get off to a rocky start, and there is resistance to change, is because the leader(s) introducing change jump in far too quickly to the nuts and bolts. In the ebook "Managing Change In The Workplace", you'll discover how to engage people right from the first announcement.

You'll learn how to take people on a journey so that they get a sense of what could be, and are more inclined to work with you rather than against you.

You'll learn how to avoid Powerpoint Bullet Point mania ... which tolls the bell of death for any announcement.

You'll get templates and charts, to help you identify the key stakeholders, and their potential degree of support and influence on the project.

Using your Stakeholder Communication Action Plan you can anticipate people's reaction to your project and build into your plan the actions, and compelling and practical communication strategies, that will help you win people's support.

Throughout the book, potential roadblocks are pointed out, so that you can safely navigate your way around them -- avoiding the crashes that cause many change efforts to be less than could. For example, many people think that having the 'over my dead body' types heavily involved in the change effort is a good thing. Not so!

Often, the time spent trying to sway these people over, just doesn't bring the results you need.

There is another group of people, with whom you should invest far more of your precious time. A group of people who will help your change initiative succeed.

Humans are a funny bunch. Even though they may have been grumbling for a long time about how things 'don't work around here', the moment a change is announced you can expect people to decry any need for it!

Because, no matter how big or small the change is, you are taking people out of their comfort zone.

Shock, confusion, denial, anxiety, fear, anger, hostility, resistance, sadness and stress are all emotions that you will need to deal with.

Get the tools and tips you need to get you and your people through this minefield, and out the other side, relatively unscathed. You can't squash or stop these feelings (and you certainly shouldn't try), but what you can do is discover how to deal with them effectively, and quickly, and lead people to where you need them to go.

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