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Chip Conley is the CEO and founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality (California's largest boutique hotel group) is the author of Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow. I have to say straight up, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found myself highlighting many pages.

Certainly any leader, in any organization, will benefit from reading this book, however, it will be easier for the leader who is in an organization that is not hamstrung by traditional corporate bonds and has already taken steps to build high performance.

Chip provides, throughout the book an awesome bibliography of leadership books (many of them grace my bookshelves as long-term keepers), so if for no other reason buy this book - however I think you'll find what he shares with us the reader is good, solid Breakthrough Leadership experience and advice.

When Chip's company hit a tough patch post 9/11 he re-discovered Abraham Maslow's work. This set him upon a path that helped him to turn his company around.

Not only does the book pull theory into practical experience through application in Chip's company, he provides many examples of other organizations who have successfully applied the principles to transform both work and personal lives.

I found it particularly exciting that Chip also called upon the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Daniel Goleman, Marcus Buckingham and Marty Seligman. All researchers and authors that I have had a long-term fascination with because of the impact individually and collectively each of them have had in improving workplace cultures.

I do believe that if leaders in organizations were consistently to draw upon the work of each of these authors, along with the principles Chip shares, our workplaces cannot help but be transformed.

Because you are a member of this club, I know you have an unending faith in human potential and are working toward aligning both your own and the potential of others. Chip's book gives you many practical tips and techniques to help you in your journey of aligning and releasing potential, so that you succeed, your team members succeed and the organization succeeds.

What You Can Learn

Chip talks to the three ingredients of any successful, sustainable business:

  • The Employees
  • The Customer
  • The Investors

The triangle of life for any successful business! (Note this model, shown above, doesn't come from the book, it is one that I drew up. See this page for more info).


In the first three chapters Chip takes you through Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model and describes a little of his journey along with why he feels Maslow's Theory is still applicable to organizations.

Chapters 4-6 Focus On Employees


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