Strategies For Flourishing In Your New Role


This handbook has been written from the perspective of you starting a new role. However, you could also certainly use the tips and ideas to help any new person starting in your team, to get up to speed fast and feel that they have joined the right team and the right leader!

Much of the handbook focuses on your personal brand and ensuring that you send the right messages, to the right people fast.

You can also use the ideas and concept in this handbook in preparation for the Selection process. You should be interviewing the organization as much as they are interviewing you. Because most organizations don't do a terrific job around frankly articulating what is accepted and expected around here - you need to make sure you are asking good questions around what will make you a hero and what will get you in hot water.

For example, if you've been in an organization where vigorous debate and pulling apart of ideas, regardless of the status of who floated the idea and you loved that thrust and parry, you loved that honesty, you loved the results that came from that type of culture … and all of a sudden you've found yourself in an organization where you would crash and burn if you had the audacity to challenge a senior manager ... how happy do you think you'd be?

In your working life you'll spend in excess of 90,000 hours at work (assuming you work a 40-hour week - and who does that!). That is far too many hours to not be flourishing and feeling that you are having the impact and the success you want in life.

Strategies For Flourishing


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