Successful Feedback


You will discover in the ebook "Successful Feedback" how to work on yourself first and foremost before you try to successfully use influence tactics with anyone else. As you already know there are always two sides to every story.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, BEFORE you go near the other person, you must get yourself into a place where you are okay with 'what is' and at the same time have your entire inner attention turned toward to how you would like it to be. Which is why the first half of the book is dedicated to focusing just on you!

Be warned! Once you start using these skills you'll have relationships that are inspiring and remarkable ... rather than conflicted and frustrating!

  • You'll start to see how some of your previous actions have caused your challenging and stressful situations and how to change those behaviors quick smart.
  • You'll start to see how sometimes people don't have the desire to take action, simply because they don't have sufficient information to make good decisions
  • You'll start to see how your 'aligned thinking' is far more powerful than any specific word you may utter
  • You'll start to see how when you see others as the problem you've completely disempowered yourself and them
  • You'll start to see how to focus on the other person's success which leads to you achieving your desires
  • Mindset of High Performance Employees


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