The Prostitute Archetype

You have probably had times when you have been in a meeting, or in a conversation with friends, and had thought something along the lines of, "I don't really agree with what they are saying, but I think its a whole lot safer, if I just keep my mouth shut."

You do this because you fear losing people's respect, approval and/or friendship.

The moment you make the decision to not speak up, and voice your true opinion, you have just stepped into the world of the Prostitute.

Have you ever had a boss that has been abusive toward you? Maybe not overly abusive, but s/he has said or done things that you didn't like, and yet you didn't said anything because, "that could cost me my job"? That's your Prostitute Archetype in action.

Arthur Anderson, one of the largest accounting firms in the world, came crashing down because they were in charge of looking at the accounting practices of Enron. They knew Enron's practices weren't right, they knew something was a bit on the nose, but they chose to not say or do anything because they would lose their biggest client.

The money was too good... that was their prostitute speaking.

what price your soul

If you are in a job that you don't really like, or in fact actually dislike intensely, but are staying because the money is good, and you've got a mortgage to pay, kids to put through school, holidays to have. Or, you are in marriage, or a relationship, that is not really good for you. Any one of these scenarios (or something similar), suggest you are calling upon the energy of the Prostitute Archetype.

The Prostitute shows itself when you decide to stay in that relationship, or that job, that's not good for you, that is in fact possibly quite toxic, simply for economic or social safety.

Because your fear is, that if you strike out on your own, you won't be taken care of on a physical level - you'll lose your house, the clothes off your back, your family and friends.

Your Prostitute Archetype is here to test your faith. To test if you have faith in yourself and your Higher Power (whom, or whatever that may be). When you have this faith, then no one can buy you.

Shelley's Prostitute Challenge

Several years ago, I was invited by a large government department to be one of several coaches in a large coaching program they were launching. A program that was costing them several million dollars. On the briefing day, when they were taking us through the mechanics of how the program would work, I had an awful realization that this program was not going to deliver the results they wanted.

The model of coaching that they had chosen, was not designed to deliver awesome breakthroughs for their people. At best they would get minor, incremental shifts -- that wouldn't move them forward at the pace they needed.

Now, here's where the story gets interesting for me.

This was a major, financially lucrative, contract and it came at a time when my business wasn't doing so well financially. The business was going great guns in terms of developing people, but I was such a terrible marketer that it wasn't bringing in the volume I needed. I desperately needed the money that this contract offered.

So, here I was sitting in this meeting and I'm faced with a real dilemma. At the morning tea break I asked the opinion of a couple of other coaches. They agreed with my diagnosis - in the format it had been set up, it wasn't going to deliver the results the client wanted.

The consensus of opinion seemed to be, the money's too lucrative, don't say anything, and maybe try to fix it from within.

But the problem I could see, with that approach, was that there was going to be a number of coaches who would simply comply with the format being presented, and that it would be a disaster. So I'm faced with two choices: sit there, shut up and take the money, or say something and hope that it will influence them to modify the program, so that it has a stronger chance of success.

So which do you think I did?

Remember, I was desperate for this money.

Yep, after an interesting conversation with my Prostitute, I decided to say something.

And, yes the senior executives, who had put the program together, didn't like what I said, and therefore, I lost all chance of being offered the contract.

But you know, I've never regretted what I did.

To have taken that contract would have been exceptionally costly to my spirit.

I would have felt out of alignment for the entire time that I was involved with the project.

The Prostitute tests you on your price:-

At what price are you willing to sell out your integrity, your thoughts, your opinions, your emotions, your morals, your happiness, your honor, your dignity, your soul and violate your spirit for physical, financial and social safety?

Here's a simple exercise to do: List the five things that are most important to you:

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